Lavish Beauty Bar

Lavish Life Beauty Bar is a Black owned, online beauty supply store. Committed to providing a wide variety of quality hair care products and skincare products that are essential to the curly hair community. Related accessories, wigs, and a wide selection of hair extensions in demand. Lavish Life Beauty Bar's E-commerce website connects Canadians and customers outside of Ontario interested in strengthening their knowledge about healthy products for curly hair.

Our Mission

Our mission is to restore years of damaged hair using products that boost growth, revive chemically damaged hair. While promoting confidence through influential tutorials on how to use products and embrace your natural beauty at an affordable price. Staying on top of the new trends, keeping pace with the fast-moving Beauty industry. Become a member of The lavish life beauty bar experience lets you collect points that can be redeemed and used towards your purchase. Receive discounts on selected products. Receive free samples to top off the experience.